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Screenshots of Evernest GmbH Contract:

Here, I’m about to share some screenshots regarding the matter of 3-star ratings on Upwork.

See, as soon as the contract ended, the client lost access to Upwork

Contact Torben using LinkedIn:

Though initially I saw that he lost access to his Upwork account, so I contacted him through LinkedIn

Reply from Torben on LinkedIn:

He said he can’t help because he isn’t with the company anymore. If that’s the case, then I worked with him, and we know how we handled things, and ultimately, he was satisfied. However, someone who recently ended the contract on Upwork left a 3-star review. Either they didn’t check our messages or simply decided to leave a review without valid reasons. It’s possible that it was someone from an unauthorized party who ended the contract and left the 3-star review, which I believe I don’t deserve.

Screenshot of Client Satisfaction:

Check some of the messages that he is satisfied with regarding all the projects we worked on for them.

Thank you for reviewing everything!